Tsunami Intro
Tsunami is a decentralized exchange built on Solana that enables zero-fee trading, guarantees best price execution, and delivers real cost savings to retail traders.

An aside on AMMs

The prevailing method of trading tokens on-chain is through automated market makers (AMMs), which generally charge users 0.20% to 0.30% of the notional amount of a trade in fees. This works out to $20 to $30 in fees for a $10,000 trade. AMMs charge relatively high fees because they only work with liquidity providers (LPs), who receive the bulk of the fees in return for depositing capital into pools that facilitate trades. In addition to swap fees, traders also have to be mindful of price impact (due to poor liquidity) and set slippage tolerances, both concepts unfamiliar and disadvantageous to retail traders.
Prices vary across different AMMs, and at many times it's unclear whether a given AMM is offering the best available price.

There's a better way to trade

By routing orders to DFlow, Tsunami offers retail traders significant improvements.
Swap for free
Guaranteed best execution
Front-running protection
Real cost savings
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An aside on AMMs
There's a better way to trade