Start sending orders to DFlow in 30 minutes

The fully-managed service is the fastest way for you to get started. Use DFlow's Swap API (Fully-managed) to request quotes and deliver orders.

Before you begin

When you deliver orders to DFlow, you receive USDC payments from market makers. USDC payments are automatically forwarded to your wallet address on a daily basis. Before sending orders, provide DFlow with your wallet address. Your wallet address can be an EVM or Solana address.

Reach out to us in our shared Telegram or Slack channel. If a shared group does not exist, contact us at [email protected] or @DFlowProtocol.

Swap tokens


Get API key

Reach out to receive an API key. If a shared Telegram or Slack group does not exist, reach out via [email protected] or @DFlowProtocol.

An easy two-step process to execute token swaps. See below for a brief overview and refer to our API docs (EVM, Solana) for more details.

/firmQuoteGETReturns an executable EVM or Solana order transaction from a DFlow market maker. Transaction contains order details and instructions to settle the trade on-chain.
/indicativeQuoteGETReturns a price for the specified token pair. An indicative quote contains pricing information from the market maker, but unlike a firm quote, it cannot be used to swap tokens at a set price. You should use indicative quotes to show pricing information when you don't have a wallet connected or don't intend to send an order.
/reportTransaction (for EVM)POSTAfter sending signed order transaction to network, receive USDC payments by reporting the EVM transaction hash to DFlow.
/sendTransaction (for Solana)POSTReturns transaction receipt when order is settled on-chain. Sending order is required so auction proceeds can be forwarded to your specified address.

Step 1: Request a firm quote

When your user wants to perform a token swap, you must request a /firmQuote (EVM, Solana) from the market maker. The request returns a blockchain transaction that contains an executable order.

Step 2: Send order transaction


If your user chooses to accept the quote, send the signed transaction to be settled on-chain and make a request to /reportTransaction (EVM) with the transaction hash to receive USDC payments. Payment is settled daily with your provided wallet.


If your user chooses to accept the quote, send a request to /sendTransaction (Solana) for the signed order to be settled on-chain. Payment is received immediately after order transaction is sent to DFlow and settled daily with your provided wallet.

Indicative quote

/indicativeQuote (EVM, Solana) are used for returning token prices (e.g. you want to display prices in the UI).